What if the Church 2017

What if the Church, in all its diversity of congregations, banded together for the common purpose of BLESSING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. 

This is the vision of "What if the Church?" for 2017.

You were born on purpose and with a purpose. God has a custom-designed part for you to play in His mission. Nothing is more important, but most people miss it. In this series, we’ll discover five simple practices that will put us right in the middle of what God is doing where we live, work, and play. These five missional practices are designed to bless the places and people in your life. As you begin to live out B.L.E.S.S., you will not only discover your own mission in life, but that you are changing the world around you.

Westside's 2017 Partners: 

How can you BLESS? 

How did What if the Church start?

In the spring of 2007 we received a call at the church office from a neighboring church. The pastor was calling to ask if he and his church staff could come by and pray for our church. Calls like this are rare, as in this had never happened before! After pausing for a moment, we accepted the generous invitation and later that day several of Westside’s pastors and staff met with the pastor and staff of the Cedar Ridge Christian Church for prayer.

Significant friendships developed from this meeting and we began to discuss these fundamental questions:

  • Why don’t churches pray together?
  • Instead of seeing each other as competition, why don’t churches work together to reach the lost?
  • Why don’t churches serve together to meet the needs of our city?

This was the birth of what is now a movement of more than 90 churches in the Kansas City region – with the goal of making Jesus famous in Kansas City! Every year we invite other churches to join us in praying together, worshipping together and serving together. We have experienced deeper relationships, and greater collaboration which has led to advance the Kingdom of God in Kansas City.