40 Great Ways to BLESS Your Neighbors

Some big, some small—all open the door a little wider. 

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Pray for them.
  3. Take out their trash on trash day and bring the bins back in—be consistent so the neighbors know they can count on you to do it. Leave a note on weeks that you have to miss.
  4. Rake their leaves.
  5. Bring a meal to new neighbors.
  6. Wash their windows.
  7. Hold a small community concert or karaoke. 
  8. Weed their garden—if you know what a weed is ;).
  9. Build a “care force” that helps out with dinners and errands when neighbors need a hand.
  10. Drive an elderly or disabled neighbor to the doctor.
  11. Buy an extra dozen donuts and give them to a neighbor.
  12. Send your kids on a service scavenger hunt
  13. Watch their children for an afternoon.
  14. Offer to drive their kids to school.
  15. Bake cookies, just because.
  16. Host an emergency preparedness night in which you get organized and learn about your neighbors’ special skills (CPR training, etc.)
  17. Give them extra produce from your garden.
  18. Visit a shut-in neighbor regularly.
  19. Set a water bowl out on the sidewalk for neighbor dog walks, or make some homemade treats for fur babies. 
  20. Start a regular “Mom’s night out.”
  21. Help shovel their snow.
  22. Share contact information with your next-door neighbors, and know whom to call in case of an emergency.
  23. Wave when you see them.
  24. Invite them over for dinner or coffee.
  25. Host a block party complete with bounce-house.
  26. Start a community group on a social media platform for public notices, referrals, ads, and event notices.
  27. Listen when they need a friend.
  28. Bring a "new neighbor gift" or birthday card when they celebrate a special occasion.
  29. Offer to water their plants and get their mail when they are out of town.
  30. Create a giving plate to make the rounds in your neighborhood.
  31. Help when you see they have car trouble.
  32. Offer to go to the store for your neighbor when she has sick kids at home.
  33. Host movie nights, using a garage door as the movie screen. Alternate which home gets to pick the rental, complete with popcorn.
  34. Clean up litter as you are pushing the kids in the stroller.
  35. Plant a colorful perennial border between your sidewalk and the street, put a chair or bench in your front yard, then prepare to say hi to your neighbors when it becomes part of everyone’s stroller route.
  36. Check on your neighbors when bad weather hits.
  37. Bring out a cold drink when you see them working outside on a hot day.
  38. Instead of tall, narrow walls or fences that close neighbors out, build half-walls wide enough to function as a seat.
  39. Schedule an annual “serve day,” at which a volunteer work crew helps neighbors with household projects, from fixing the pipes to mending a fence.
  40. Build a firepit in front of your house. On cooler nights, throw down some beach blankets, share a beverage with the neighbors, and watch the kids play.

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What do you do to BLESS your neighbors? Share your great ideas in the comments.