Global Impact | Pastor 'D'

Together, we supported this global impact in 2018:

  • Baptized 7994 people overseas

  • One Life Program Cared for 900+ Orphans

  • Supported 28 OneLife sites in 3 countries through 1300 sponsors

  • Partnered with 770 overseas house-churches

This is the testimony from one of our Global Impact pastors in SE Asia. He has the gift of healing and is doing significant ministry in the villages surrounding his home. Details have been changed to protect his ministry:

I would like to share my testimony that l went to visited people at ‘H’ village to sharing the gospel to the people who unbelieving in Jesus, when I talked to the people about the good news of Jesus that he can do the miracle. At that time a man said that he want me to come and pray for his brother. He got sick for long time. We already did every thing to help him but he is not getting better, he seem like to die soon. 

And then I go to visited a sickness man at the same time. He is already die. His brother cried and to me "please pray for him I don’t want to lost my brother." I said "Okay, I will pray for him by the name of Jesus and the name of Jesus everything is possible." When I get to pray for him that time, the chief of village and polices came to see me and talked to me that they don’t believe in Jesus. And I must go away from this village. I said to them before I leave from this village, lets me pray for this man first. But they are so angry to me. They said you knew that he is already die, why you want to pray for him, are you crazy? I said however I will pray because in the Bible said that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. They very angry at me and polices said okay if you pray for him and if he got heal and wake up we will let you go home but if he doesn’t heal and wake up we will put you in the jail. I have no choice. I am believe in His word and after I prayed for him he is open his eyes and wake up, so many people they have seen the miracle of Jesus that He healed this man. They said "your God is very good." At the same day 13 persons accept the Lord Jesus. I praise the lord for the miracle that He did. So the chief of the village and polices they cannot take me to the jail. Now the people in this village become to believers more and more.

May God bless you

Pastor ‘D’

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