Kids raid the piggy bank = homes are built in Nicaragua.

Spring Break. An annual rite of passage that we look forward to each year.  Some people visit an exotic location or just take a road trip to see family.  Others use the time finish long-overdue work around the house or take on the challenge of Spring cleaning.  For a select group of high school students and adults from Westside Family Church, Spring Break 2017 provided an opportunity to share God’s love in a country and culture far removed from their everyday existence. 

This year, a team of 14 students and 5 adults was able to experience international missions work and bring KidsGiG to families in Nicaragua. But make no mistake—this was not a vacation! The team helped build 3 houses, conducted KidsGiG in 3 different locations, shared the Good News at 2 churches, fed the hungry at 2 feeding centers and handed out 6 wheelchairs. These opportunities were very tangible expressions of Westside’s mission to love Jesus, share Jesus, and become like Jesus. 

One of the hallmarks of a Westside student missions trip is that students don’t just show up and hang out but they have an opportunity to lead. This leadership opportunity led several students to explore how they can use their S.H.A.P.E. to impact others. Some students also expressed a desire to pursue further education and vocational options in international missions. 

Children who attended KidsGiG at Westside last summer raised the money to build the houses! WFC Family Ministry is instilling the value of generosity in children and demonstrating what generosity can do in the world. 

While this particular trip was focused on students, Westside offers a wide range of opportunities to explore missions work, both global and community-focused. Every instance is designed to help participants grow on their faith journey while stepping out of their comfort zone to serve others.  Ask anyone who has been involved with a missions trip or outreach and you will hear about the life-changing impact they experienced. For more information about how you can participate in upcoming opportunities, go to