Written Values Create Culture | Family Ministry

We strongly desire for families to connect in relationships with one another as they have the Gospel come alive in their own lives. We are committed to seeing this happen in a variety of ways as volunteer leaders build relationships and share the gospel with kids, students and families on a weekly basis. Over this next year the Family Ministry Team through Pastor John Huber's leadership will be introducing eight guiding principles and values that will shape ministry to kids and families at Westside. Pastor John was recently asked to share these principles and values on popular Family Ministry Podcast with Nick Belvins. Check it out and as you join us on this journey to help our kids know and love the Lord. 

The eight values John and the Family Ministry team have created: 

  1. Leadership: We choose to love first and lead second, but always do both
  2. Risk: We have a big God, so we take big risks and trust Him for big results
  3. Effort: We work hard, give our best, and put family first
  4. Team: We want to take the hill, and we want to take it together
  5. Attitude: We live on the solution side of every issue
  6. Sober-minded: We know who we are and who we’re not and we do what is best for the whole
  7. Outsiders: We exist for those who are not here yet
  8. Model: Follow me as I follow Jesus