Do you IDAHO?

Recognizing 1st Love significance restarts our relationship expectations which restarts how we communicate. It is important to be aware of how we are speaking to the people that we value. We communicate with others through our body language, tone of voice and our words. The goal is to align each element of communication in a way that reflects our love of the other person. When communicating, think IDAHO—intentional, direct, authentic, honest and open. 


Intentional communication reflects an awareness that communication has purpose. Sometimes the purpose is focused on an end goal while other times it is about strengthening relationship.


Direct communication is clear and to the point. It removes ambiguity. 


Authenticity in communication means that we bring our true self into the relationship. We are willing to communicate what we need and desire. We are willing to respond in a genuine way.


Speaking the truth in a loving way is essential in healthy relationships. Honesty builds trust and provides safety. Being honest means that we are willing to say the difficult things that need to be said.


Open communication flows from vulnerability. Simply put, this means that we share ourselves within our relationships. Imagine our hearts open to others.

Matthew 12:33-35 helps you see that “the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” God loves you enough to reveal what is in your heart so that you can love Him and others. How does 1st Love challenge what is in your heart? 

How does what is in your heart change what comes out of your mouth?