1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10, ...COLLEGE!!

When New Life opened in 2007 with 50 children, college was nothing more than a dream. Nonetheless, every child was encouraged to dream big. Over the last few years, that dream is becoming a reality for the children of India. With One Life now supporting around 250 children in India, 48 of them currently in the program have reached college age. These children have an opportunity that would have otherwise been impossible. Coming from low income families, they were destined for daily labor jobs.


Every morning, 26 of our One Life children get on a bus and travel to the nearest city to attend their junior and degree colleges. They are studying mathematics, physics, biology, zoology, and chemistry. We also have 22 children living in outside hostels or in their homes who attend college further from the New Life campus.


Paul is our most advanced college student to date. He is currently working towards his Master's Degree in Science, studying aquaponics (farming with fish). One Life is supporting several students working towards their bachelor's degree in computer and electrical engineering. Others have the option of attending technical institutes where they focus on electrical and mechanical work.

Pavitra, Dhanalakshmi, and Israyel are in their second and third year of a nursing degree. Bala Krishna is in his first year of DIET courses, where he will graduate with a primary teaching degree. These four students recognize the value of what the One Life program has brought to their lives over the years. They want to give back and have agreed to offer their services of nursing and teaching on the New Life campus after completing their studies.

When these young adults aren't studying for their exams, you can find them leading the younger children in prayer, helping to maintain the campus, tutoring youth, reading their bibles, and of course there is occasionally some time for fun! These children have grown into responsible, humble, kind, creative, and hard-working men and women. Their desire is to make you proud and they request that you remember to pray for studies and exams. Thank you for supporting our One Life students in India, blessing them with a brighter tomorrow.

Due to additional tuition and transportation fees, we send additional funding for these college students. If you would like to donate specifically to the college fund, please contact Sherri Reishus at info@onelifechild.org.

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