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What you believe drives everything. The way you behave, the habits you form, the character that defines you at your core—all are driven by what you believe. Grounded in carefully selected Scripture, Believe, NIV is a unique spiritual growth experience that takes you on a journey to think, act, and be more like Jesus. We will explore 10 key beliefs, 10 key practices and 10 key virtues as we ask these three questions: 1) What do I believe? 2) What should I do? 3)Who am I becoming? The goal is for each member of your family and our church to be able to say, "I know what I believe and why!"

Start Date | Week of December 30
Time | Morning and Evening Options
Location | Westside Lenexa

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“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

Do you crave community with other women where relationships are built around deep conversation and the central focus of Jesus? Life is the curriculum and the women of the Gathering are your support. You will be accepted, encouraged, and challenged by key questions.


We were not made to walk through this life alone.  We were made to journey with others.  In fact, we are better together!  LifeGroups are inspiring gatherings of 3-12 people meeting regularly in homes, other locations, or online.  They hang out, learn about God together and share about their lives.  We encourage you to Group Up with   those around you!

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Join us as we continue to study the Gospel of John. We will learn to walk in Jesus as the Light of the World, and your relationship with Him will become more intimate. We will then see Jesus drawing His disciples aside to prepare them for what is to come. We will study His death, burial, and resurrection, and their significance to your salvation. We will saturate our minds and our hearts with the infallible truths of John. Join us as we study the Gospel of John and see how it helps us to understand what we believe and why it matters.

Host | Stacey Sprecker & Leslie Pruitt

Start Date | Thursday, January 10 | 9:15am | Westside Lenexa