Together, we are discovering the core teachings of scripture that have unified Christ followers for over 2000 years.

Understanding what you believe is just the foundation—to become like Jesus, your beliefs need to both inform you and transform you. This spring, your family will discover the 10 practices of reaching up to God and out to others that drive beliefs from your heads to your hearts. 

Together we will develop life-giving spiritual disciplines to fulfill our mission to love and share Jesus. This is where the rubber meets the road, and we put our beliefs into practice. Ready, set, let’s go!

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God created you on purpose for a purpose. And that purpose is most fully realized in community with other people. That’s why we’re challenging every Westsider to fully immerse in the BELIEVE by finding your community in a Life Group. This next step will be a key aspect of your BELIEVE journey. We are always launching new LifeGroups and we are encouraging you to start your own group where you live, work or play.



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If you’ve been impacted by what God is doing through the BELIEVE journey, we’d love to hear from you. These stories are incredibly encouraging to both our staff and our church family.

You could start with,  “I’ve discovered that I do not BELIEVE….” or “Now, I truly BELIEVE…. “  Just hit the 'Tell Your Story' button to get started. 

We can't wait to celebrate with you! 

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