About Westside Family Church

Our Vision

Loving Jesus, becoming like Jesus, sharing Jesus.

Our Story

Our Values

  • Supremacy of Jesus Christ

  • Scriptural Authority

  • Making Authentic Disciples

  • Reaching Spiritual Orphans with the Gospel

  • Caring for Physical Orphans

  • Building Strong Families 

Our Strategy

Building Healthy Families by Taking Territory: One Neighborhood at a Time.


About the Westside Family Church Brand

Our brand is not the logo on a mug.

Our brand is the Westside story told through words, images and experiences that inform the relationship both guests and Westside family members develop with Westside Family Church. Ultimately, our brand becomes a subconscious connection with our family.

  • The card you left at the coffee shop has a ‘W’ logo and clear website info.

  • The website has our well designed logo and copy written in clearly defined vocabulary—an introduction to who we are and authenticates the choice to investigate the info on the card.

  • A guest comes to a WFC location that looks like the website and hears the host and teacher sound like what they read on the site, reinforcing their choice to go to the website.

  • Their experience of a body of Christ loving Jesus, becoming like Jesus and sharing Jesus opens their hearts and ears to embrace the good news of Jesus, establishing them and their story as a part of our story.

  • They begin to re-tell their story using the established tools we standardized, thereby sharing our story—back to the first bullet.

Therefore, the guidelines matter. This guide is not a bunch of rules. This guide is a set of principles and standards that help staff and volunteers communicate our mission in a focused and consistent manner. The brand maintains and advances our story. When we can clearly tell our story, the family can use these tools to tell their story. That’s how it becomes our story.

So, the right logo on the mug does matter :)