LifeLines provide a supportive group environment designed to help you find encouragement and accountability in addressing emotional, behavioral and spiritual challenges. 

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Addiction Recovery for Men  | Sign-Up 
Addiction Recovery for Women | Sign-Up
Addiction Recovery for Women-Freedom Farms | Sign-Up
Chronic Illness Support for Women | Sign-Up
Depression Support | Sign-Up
Divorce Care |  Sign-Up
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality | Sign-Up
Financial Peace - Lenexa |  Sign-Up
Financial Peace -Speedway| Sign-Up
Freedom KC | Sign-Up 
GriefShare | Sign-Up
Grieving a Suicide | Sign-Up
Heart for the Homosexual | Sign-Up
Hope After Betrayal | Sign-Up
Network 1.27 Foster & Adoption | Sign-Up
Premarital Counseling | Sign-Up
Victory over Sexual Abuse | Sign-Up