You put the "Security" in security-sticker, and we Thank You!

My little girl is the baby in our family. The youngest of four, with 3 doting big brothers. She is fiercely loved by her brothers, and I sleep easier at night knowing they will have her back all the days of their lives.

But please do not let one of them pick her up from your class on Sundays.

While they would never do anything to hurt her or put her in harms way, Westside is a big church, and being in charge of a little girl is a big responsibility.


It's policy. A rule, and not just a guideline. (Check out Kimi's post about Rules vs. Guidelines!) And as both a parent and a leader, it's one I'm grateful we have.

Yesterday while I was serving in one of the Kindergarten classrooms a "big" brother, tag in hand, attempted to pick up his little brother, and it reminded me of the numerous times one of my boys attempted the same with little sister. He wasn't thrilled when I informed him of our rule, but I'm so much more concerned about the safety of our kids and knowing it was in the best interest of both big and little brother, I was able to do so in love and with grace.

(Mom thanked me when she finally caught up with them!)

And, then there's the security sticker. Have you heard this tag line before?


If you've been a part of the Kids Ministry Team for very long, it's likely you've heard it at least once. While this isn't how we remind parents of our policy rule, it is the tagline we use to help reinforce the seriousness of our policy between team members.

Below is a reminder on our policy, outlined in the Family Ministry Volunteer Handbook.

Thank you for continuing to make Westside a safe and fun place for kids to learn about Jesus!

Drop off/Pick-Up Safety Standards:

  • Greet family with a warm welcome. If you know the child or can clearly read their tag, greet them by name.
  • Encourage parents to release child at the door rather than entering the classroom. (guideline)
  • Make sure the child is wearing a nametag. (rule)
  • Collect the second nametag and adhere it to the attendance sheet.
  • Only release children to adults WITH a matching security stub. No exceptions. No tag. No kid. No kidding.
  • Remove the nametag sticker from the child, matching it to the secuirty sticker and then adhering next to their sticker on the attendance sheet.
  • If a parent does not have the security stub, they must return to a manned check-in kiosk for assistance in reprinting their security stub before picking up the child.

*If you suspect that a child is in the wrong age group, or you are concerned with the amount of children in your group, admit them to your room/group and then contact the coach, who will work out the details and alert the parents if the child needs to be moved.