Tips: Finding a Sub for Your Group!


As a small group leader, you know things will come up. You’ll go on vacation, you’ll get a cold, or you might even adopt a kitten that needs constant attention. But it’s not always easy to know what to do when you need to take a week off – you want to find someone to cover you, but you’re not sure how.

Here are a few tips for finding your very own sub:

  • Ask a parent. Your few have parents! Send out a group email, tell them your plans, add a gif, and make the ask! Note: This only works for kids’ groups – if you lead a middle school or high school group, keep reading.
  • Ask a friend. When you start the year with your few, invite a friend to be your backup (or maybe even co-leader). Make sure you let your church staff know, so they can complete your friend’s background check and other necessary paperwork.
  • Ask a potential new volunteer. Know of someone who MIGHT be interested in what’s going on in your ministry? Give them a chance to see what it’s like without the immediate commitment. Your church leader will thank you.
  • Ask a former SGL. Know a small group leader that finished their “tour of duty” last year? Ask them to be your sub! They already know the environment and know the ropes of leading a group and would probably be open to one-time subbing for your group here and there.

No matter what, remember to let your small group know ahead of time that you won’t be at group and that someone else will be leading. It’s always great to give them a heads up when you won’t be there!