The Power of "Showing Up"


Whether you have spent a few weeks or many years serving in family ministry, you’ve likely realized the importance of the small group leader. But you may ask yourself, “How? Why am I so important to these children when some Sundays I feel like no one is listening and I’m a glorified babysitter rather than a small group leader?”

My friends, as someone who has a child in each ministry age group from toddlers to teens… YOU MATTER. You may feel like they are not listening, and nothing sticks, but it is! You are literally laying the foundation for these kids, MY KIDS, spiritual formation. As they grow, you will be able to see their roots grow deep and wide in Jesus Christ. As a small group leader myself, it is one of the most rewarding titles I have ever carried, second only to the title of Mommy.

Each week there are kids that walk through our doors that are so broken and beat up from their day to day lives, but with just an hour on Sunday with you, they have the opportunity to be encouraged and loved in a way that reveals the goodness of God and lifegiving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit shines through you.

Is ministry work hard and messy at times? Absolutely. But the lasting impact you have in the heart and life of your few is something that you can’t put a price on. There are a lot of ways you could spend an hour on Sunday, but you’d be hard pressed to find anything that has the eternal, life-giving and life changing potential as leading a small group of kids as you build relationships and share the gospel.

I leave you with a story from the book “Lead Small” by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas.

“Back in fifth grade I was really nervous about a test, and I mentioned it in small group. Then the night before the test, my mom said I had a phone call it was my small group leader. She had called to tell me she was thinking and praying for me and that she thought I would do great on the test.”

Years later as that child promoted on to student ministry, she revealed to the high school ministry team how that simple phone call made a lasting impact on her and that it was her favorite memory of her small group leader. Remember, one small act of kindness or one quick prayer could completely change and leave a lasting impression on these children. What a cool opportunity to get to participate in such a significant way with the incredible things God is doing in the heart and lives of each kid in your small group! Please know that as you are praying for them, we are praying for YOU!

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