The Power of a Name

In a church as large as Westside Family Church, it is impossible to learn the names of every person in the church. It may seem impossible to learn the name of every child or teen that is in your small group from week to week, but here’s the beauty of a team. If we all learn the just the names of the few in our group, every name in the church will be known!


Why is knowing names important?

Last week I saw a high-school girl enter the student center for the second time in her life. She looked a bit nervous, like a deer in headlights. I didn’t know this particular student, so as I went to greet her I found out that the week prior was her first time visiting Westside. About the same time, her small group leader entered the room and greeted her by name. You should have seen the look on her face! She smiled, the anxiety left her face, and I could tell she felt at home. In just two weeks, she belonged. How did this happen so quickly? Because her leader took the time and to learn her name and then was intentional in using it!

Dale Carnegie said that a person’s own name is the sweetest sound they will ever hear. When we can know and use people’s names we are connecting with them on a very personal level. Knowing a name is step one in developing a relationship.

As you show up to serve next week, don’t underestimate the power of a name. Humble yourself if you need to ask a child his/her name again. Write it down, memorize it, and then practice using it as much as you can during the ministry time.

Jesus knows you and calls you by name. Let’s share that same love of Jesus with the children we serve.