Small Groups and Kids Ministry

Why are small groups so important in ministry? This can be answered with one word... RELATIONSHIPS.

As adults, we crave community. So do our kids, though they just can't quite define it yet. They all want to belong and feel accepted. As the hands and feet of Jesus,  we have a unique opportunity to show them Christian community through small groups! The small group experience creates an environment and that community kids look forward to coming back to. It’s a place where they will see their friends, and be known. I love when kids come to the door and spot a friend or their SGL (small group leader) and they are off running to say “Hi.” Our hope and prayer is that every child participating in our program here at Westside experience this same sense of community.

The small group is also the best place to most effectively guide a group of eager children, making the most of the limited amount of time we have each week to pour God’s truth into their hearts. If you are leading a smaller group of six children, you can set the pace for the activities according to the learning style of your few with more flexibility to adjust to your groups needs. Bigger group can quickly become hectic, reducing our ability to be effective.

Finally, for a child walking into a group of ten to fifteen kids, it can be intimidating. Especially if it is their first time attending. A smaller group of five to six kids is more relational. When a child can be introduced to their leader, by name, as well as the other kids in their group, also by name, that intimidation is greatly reduced. It is also a win for the leader, YOU! When the leader not only knows their few by name, as well as their interests and learning style, the entire worship experience is enhanced for both child and leader.

Every situation, every Sunday and each group of kids is unique! Knowing this, we are so intentional in trying to send the same group of kids to your small group each week. We know that the relationships they are building with you and the other few in your group will be the glue that binds the biblical truth to their heart. The relationship is the greatest win and biggest opportunity to make a lasting impression of our  Heavenly Father in the heart of a child.

We want every kid to know that they belong, that they are loved, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. There are a lot of ways we could spend an hour each Sunday, but sharing Christ with a young person… I don’t know of a better way to spend that hour, do you?

To help you more effectively know and care for your few, check out our Lead Small App for leaders. Go to your smart phone app store today and search “Lead Small!” Westside’s subscribe code is: SB9JDD