Pay Attention!

Think back to English Class. Do you remember answering the questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how? I personally don’t remember much from English, but I do remember these simple questions. Recently God’s been developing a natural rhythm in my everyday life in answering and applying three of these questions. God has been putting it on my heart to specifically ask three questions (who, what & how) while I’m praying, particularly as I am intentionally praying for others.

This past year God has softly whispered to me to, “pay attention.” Not the type of, “pay attention to your surroundings when you are in an unfamiliar place,” and not the, “pay attention,” you tell your kids when you want them to listen. The “pay attention” that I’m referring to is from the Holy Spirit.

God is whispering “Pay Attention."

Pay Attention to:

  • WHO I am.
  • WHAT I am doing.
  • HOW I am going to use you to be a blessing.

Our Heavenly Father is constantly moving in and around us and all He wants me to do is simply - Pay Attention.

Paying attention in prayer has not only been transformative in my relationship with Jesus as I follow after Him, but it has greatly impacted how I lead my family, lead in ministry and as I interact with others in everyday life. Paying attention to the promptings of His leading takes some practice and I'll be the first to admit that it isn’t always easy. To help me pay attention as I’m praying for others I ask these three questions:

  1. WHO? Who specifically, Father, are you wanting me to pray for and lift up?
  2. WHAT? What should I be praying for when praying for the people God has placed on my heart, or in my path?
  3. HOW? How can I take action to bless the people He’s led me to pray for?

As leaders in ministry you are continually making a kingdom impact on your few that God has chosen for you to bless each week. These blessings increase exponentially as we pray for those He has given us influence with. And what better way to pray for them than to “pay attention” we engage each person God places in our path.

Here are some practical examples and questions to ask our Father while interacting with your few and their parents on Sundays:

  • WHO of my few do you want me to pray for today or this week? Who are the parents of my few that you want me to be lifting up?
  • WHAT should I be praying for them? Is there something that they shared with me? Is there a specific verse or passage God is leading me to pray over them?
  • HOW am I going to bless the few God is leading me to pray for? Should I send them a card, shoot them an email, share a word of encouragement, verbally pray with/over them right then and there, give them a gift, connect with them in the moment or simply just pray?

Remember to Pay Attention to His promptings and His guidance, and then move!