Make it Stick

If you have worked with young children for any length of time you have probably discovered that being flexible is pretty important. No matter how hard you plan sometimes things don’t go as expected. But there is a lot you can do to ensure the schedule will flow so that even if you have to make a quick adjustment, things keep right on moving. Everyone including you has a good time and learns about the love of God.

1. Prepare Before Sunday

  • Pray for God to lead you as you prepare and lead kids. Pray for the kids you teach and that God will help you understand them and their needs.
  • During the week read the activities planned and make sure you understand how they work. Note how activities introduce or apply the Bottom Line and Bible story.
  • Envision how the activities will work with your group of kids and how to best implement them.

2. Make Good Transitions

  • Warmly greet kids as they come in and help them get engaged in an activity.
  • Involve kids in the cleanup process just prior to moving to Large Group so you will be ready for the Make It Stick activities when they return.
  • If you finish activities before pick-up repeat an activity the kids especially enjoyed or play a familiar game like Simon Says, I Spy, or Guess the Animal.
  • If another class meets after you, please reset the Make It Fun activities for the incoming class before you leave so their schedule gets a good start.