Does It Really Matter?


As I watch small group leaders every week, I often wonder if they realize how important what they do is? Do they know that the kids in their room or group look for their friendly face when they arrive at church? Do they realize that the parents of the kids in their room or group breathe a sigh of relief when they see them because they know that their child is going to have less trouble leaving them because THEIR leader is there?  Do they understand that because they are there, parents can go into worship with peace and can fully engage and focus on what God wants them to hear because their child’s leader was serving that day? Do they grasp the fact that because parents can fully engage in worship, the future of families can be forever changed? I doubt that small group leaders fully understand the eternal impact that they have on not just the children in their groups, but their whole families!

As a child, I had an amazing small group leader. She loved me, taught me that Jesus loved me and helped me navigate through lots of issues because she showed up and was Jesus with skin on! I have often referred to the lessons I learned from her, even now 35 years later. She has graduated to Heaven, but I pray she knows the eternal impact she had on my life!

As a mom, I am so grateful for the adult leaders who have helped me lead and guide my own children. I KNOW that these adults love my kids!  Their leadership and love have helped mold my daughters into women who love Jesus and desire to serve him! They would not be the women they are today if not for the adults who have loved and led them as they’ve grown.  Our family is so blessed to have had leaders who continue to speak truth over my girls while helping them learn to lean on Jesus.

YOU, as a small group leader, have the same impact on the children in your room or group! I see it every week! Small children running into the arms of their group leader. Parents confidently handing over their most prized possession to the adult waiting in the room. Kids confidently walking into their room or group because they recognize you and know you love them! Leaders waving kids over to their group because they belong with them! It’s a beautiful thing! 

I know that some weeks are harder than others to make it to your group. Life gets busy and things come up but I want you to know that what you are doing matters! Every week, it matters. You might not realize it this side of heaven, but you are making an eternal impact on the lives of kids and families! YOU are their leader. You love them. YOU are making a difference! Thank you for being Jesus to your few!