Do For a Few!

THANK YOU, Leaders, for your continued dedication to the ministry and your few! Discipling the next generation is a BIG challenge with a SMALL solution and YOU can make ALL the difference.

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We've been strategic in organizing Kids Ministry at Westside to be a relational one because we know that the RELATIONSHIP is the glue that binds a biblical truth to the heart of a child. YOU are the answer, and your faithfulness to lead and love kids each week is making a BIG impact in the Kingdom, beginning in the hearts of your "few."

Keep doing for your few, starting with these small things:

  • BE EARLY! Being early makes all the difference and could be the most impactful thing you do to lead and love your few. YOU will be the familiar face that helps little ones transition form parents to class. Your smiling face is what will initiate and build that strong relationship (with parents AND kids) that is essential in sharing the gospel!
  • BE PREPARED! Knowing the overview of the day's lesson frees you up to be intentional in the small moments that build strong relationships, rather than reviewing the lesson on the fly. Check out the Lead Small App (channel ID: SB9JDD) before your class time to be best prepared!
  • BE THOROUGH! Just as being the first face your few see when they come to class makes all the difference, staying engaged and saying goodbye to your few at the end of service puts the bow on the gift of you in the life of each kid you lead.

Well done, Team! YOU continue to be the reason Westside grows by leaps and bounds each week. Kids want to come back! Thank you for leading MY kids, and all kids, to know and love Jesus!

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