We all grow best spiritually in community. Navigating faith and life solo simply doesn't work—authentic faith is a team sport. So Westside offers you proven Next Steps of faith to help you grow—customized to right where you are in your journey. We’re here with powerful resources to help you refresh and deepen your relationship with God, and discover God’s best for your life.


We were not made to walk through this life alone. We were made to journey with others. In fact, we are better together! LifeGroups are inspiring gatherings of 3-12 people meeting regularly in homes, other locations, or online. They hang out, learn about God together and share about their lives.  We encourage you to Group Up with those around you!


Support and accountability in addressing addictions and emotional, behavioral and spiritual challenges. 


Content-focused, classroom-type gatherings often held on a Westside campus, providing biblical truth with an emphasis on life-application.