Why Should I participate in FPU?

When you better manage your money, you better manage everything. Learn to be more intentional with your time and money therefore having margin to live out your true passions.

  • Discover unity in your marriage

  • Eliminate debt 

  • Build savings

  • Increase financial security 

  • Live generously

Can I lead a group? 

Absolutely!  Your experience is greatly needed and appreciated.  

Sign-up to lead an FPU LifeGroup

How do I join?

Sign-up to join an FPU LifeGroup

Once registered, group members will receive the following at their first meeting:

  • FPU workbook that goes along with weekly lessons

  • One-year online membership to Financial Peace University.

What is the Format?

FPU Life Groups meet once-a-week for nine weeks to watch and discuss video lessons, complete weekly assignments and support one another towards financial freedom. 

What can I expect from my FPU Life Group Leader? 

  • Weekly communication to help you succeed.

  • A welcoming and safe environment to learn, share and grow.

  • Prayer support in your FPU journey.

I have already gone through FPU. Why should I do this again? 

What will be different after FPU? 

  • Live with a new vision for stewardship and generosity.

  • On average, members pay off $5,300 in debt and put $2,700 in savings following FPU.

  • 89% of members graduate with at least a $1,000 emergency fund.

  • Create a new normal for you and your family tree.