What we say is who we are.

We’re advocates for our audience.
Our communication makes people’s lives easier, not more difficult. We’re on their side and put their interests before our own.

We shoot for excellence.
If it’s worth putting into words, it’s worth getting right. Then there’s grace.

We’re user-friendly.
We answer: who, what, when, where, why, and how? We include easy-to-find information for any next steps. Clear beats clever all day.

We avoid insider lingo.
We won’t use words that are hard to understand. We explain terms and any phrases that may be confusing to someone who has never stepped inside a church.

We say less to communicate more.
We keep it brief, knowing people are much more likely to engage with concise content.

We don’t sell.
We understand people tune out advertising and manipulation. We inform, cast vision, and share experience. We describe real outcomes that can benefit our audience.

We communicate what we want for people, not what we want from them.
We’re not giving people to-dos. We’re presenting them with opportunities.

We’ve got personality.
We let it shine through in our communication by being authentic, informal, sincere, positive, and fun.